Chanel lambskin,gold & ruthenium metal flap bag A93515

size:26*18*8 cm

img_2188 img_2189img_1962 img_1963 img_1964 img_1965 img_1966 img_1967 img_1968 img_1969 img_1970 img_2190img_1952 img_1953 img_1954 img_1955 img_1956 img_1957 img_1958 img_1959 img_1960img_3913 img_3915 img_3916 img_3917 img_3918 img_3919 img_3920 img_3923 img_3924 img_3925 img_3926 img_3927 img_3928 img_3929 img_3930 img_3932 img_3933 img_3934 img_3935 img_3936 img_3937 img_3938 img_3939If you need any help, please contact me via three ways: 1. leave a comment. 2, Send email to me via

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