Check Out Fendi’s Fall 2015 Runway Bags, Flowers Not Included


If you’re thinking about an exceptionally bold coat for Fall 2015, you’re going to love this Fendi collection. If you’re looking for a fabulous new bag, you might also like it, but for the first time in a spectacular several-season accessories run for the brand, it felt like the collection’s focus was elsewhere and we have a moment to catch our collective breath (and save up some money for the Fendi bags we’ve been eyeing).

The only new bag on the runway was a large portfolio clutch version of the Peekaboo, which took to the new construction quite well; there’s still the signature hardware and two-sided design, but the frame is gone, making for a delightfully unencumbered final product. The rest of the collection was full of old favorites, many recovered in 70s shades of shearling. (Fendi, after all, started as a furrier.)

To be clear, though–those bird of paradise flowers sticking out of every bag were just flowers, not a new bag charm or a feature of any of the new bags. An unintended side effect of their use, though, was that they served as a de facto measuring device; it became quickly clear how large of a size spectrum these bags cover.

Check out all of the images below.

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The Paparazzi Finally Caught Up With Anna Wintour and More Excellent Celebrity Handbags


This is not one of those celeb bag roundups where everyone looks totally relatable and down-to-earth, and half the celebs we feature are just grabbing some fro-yo in West Hollywood. This is one of those celeb bag round-ups where (almost) everyone brought their A-game, right along with their A-game handbags. They are doing press interviews, catching private jets, walking red carpets or just being Rihanna. Their lives just might be a little more glamorous than ours, but that’s okay, because it’s important to have aspirations. We can’t all be Tom Ford carrying a Tom Ford bag to the airport, can we?

Here’s a rare paparazzi shot of Anna Wintour, blitzing through JFK airport on her way back from the Oscars with an eye-catching Victoria Beckham tote. Anna’s public appearances are usually limited to only the most high-profile of fashion events; she’s rarely caught by paps anywhere other than a fashion show or party, but it’s even more rare to spot her carrying a handbag and not wearing her trademark shades. I’m a little worried someone’s going to lose their job over this.


Here’s Christie Brinkley, leaving The View studios with a Saint Laurent Sac de Jour. Christie is making the press rounds to promote her new skincare line, though I just assumed she was drumming up a little promo for the Parks & Rec series finale. That tells you where my priorities are.


The View studios were just a revolving door of good bags last week. Here’s Gabrielle Union, carrying a beautiful black Chanel Classic Flap Bag on her way in. Gabrielle is doing a little promo for the new season of her BET series Being Mary Jane.


Here’s Kim at LAX with her Hermès Grizzly Suede Birkin. I could have sworn Kim sold this bag via Heritage Auctions a couple years ago, but no. Apparently she had two, and she sold the larger version. That seems apropos.


Jada Pinkett Smith recently walked the red carpet at the premiere of her hubby’s new flick Focus, carrying a classic Roger Vivier clutch. This particular RV style is a longtime red carpet fave. BTW, if you’re not watching Jada on Gotham, you’ve made a grave mistake.


While Rihanna has always mixed preppier elements into her personal style, an embroidered Ralph Lauren Ricky with an eagle on it seems to take the prep quotient to a whole new level. However, when you look at the actual embroidery up close, the eagle motif is a little edgier than you’d expect from RL. The brand says the embroidery is inspired by “traditional flight jacket artwork;” it seems just slightly left of what I was expecting, but it makes way more sense for Rihanna.

Rihanna catches a flight out of JFK airport in NYC

Ladies, Sofia Vergara is proof positive that you can have it all: millions of dollars in the bank, massive personal success, Chanel bags, a line of clothing AND home goods at K-mart, and an equally famous boyfriend who is also a specimen of physical perfection. (Oh, and Sofia even has a kid! He’s basically a grown man now, but it still counts, right?) Here she is with fiancé Joe Manganiello at LAX.


Here’s Tom Ford, arriving at LAX with what we have to assume is a bag of his own design, although we can’t find one with similar handle attachments for sale online. We can only conclude that this Tom Ford bag is something that’s currently in development for a future season. Or maybe Tom Ford made a Tom Ford-exclusive Tom Ford handbag.


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Street Snaps Chanel Coco Boy Wallet On Chain

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You need to see this.

Hello Chanel Coco Boy Wallet on Chain, please be mine!

Released for the Spring Summer 2015 Act 1, the Coco Boy design is one of a kind – well actually, it’s a blend between chevron and quilted. Two of the best prints crafted in one bag. I am speechless.

Because we did not get too much reaction last time, we wanted you to see the bag in its true colors. And what is better than a phone snap? Well, much better than model pictures.

Check out the gorgeous boy clasp on the front, made smaller than the original version to look more feminine. It comes with interwoven chain links and they are even in black and orange/red.

Small bag are perfect as everyday bag, they are tiny and easy to carry and move from one spot to another, without getting tired.

READ: Chanel Coco Boy Wallet on Chain Details

Honestly, its gorgeous right? (made from calfskin)

Size: 4.8 x 7.5 x 1.5


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The Diorama Shoulder Bags

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Dior has designed many breath-taking handbags throughout the years, but most of them are tote bags. The Diorific Bag, the Panarea Tote and their latest successfully launched – Diorissmo, are all being loved and craved by fashion-conscious-ladies around the globe.

The only shoulder bag you could choose was the Miss Dior Shoulder Bag, that was before Dior made the Be Dior Bag. And now with the newest Diorama Shoulder Bag, it seems like the selection is complete.

Unlike the Miss Dior Shoulder Bag, the Diorama Shoulder Bag refused to accept simplicity. It’s designed highly sophisticated – with patterns, prints, stripes that are mixed with many colors.

Each of them is done fashionable and architectural, for example the large flap bag is adorned with glossy white python insets, with graphic oversize cannage motif in dune lambskin and encrusted with marquetry. Each ingredient must be applied in the exact measurement to get us feel the distinctive mark of Dior woman.

The closure on the front is ‘never seen before’, a badge-shaped in silver hardware.

But there are also Diorama Bags made without a front closure, but just decorations and motifs like gilded flowers, stripes and Dior signatures, which appear flush with the leather.

These bags can be worn on your shoulder or cross body.

Medium Diorama Bag
Size: 25 x 15,5 x 8 cm

Large Diorama Bag
Size: 29 x 18 x 9 cm














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